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Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty

Dr. David Yonge

David Yonge

Professor Emeritus


(509) 335-2147


(509) 335-7632



  • Ph.D., Environmental Systems Engineering, 1982 – Clemson University, S. Carolina
  • M.S., Environmental Systems Engineering, 1976 – Clemson University
  • B.S., Oceanographic Technology, 1975 – Florida Institute of Technology, School of Marine and Environmental Science

Professional Experience

  • Interim Director, NSF/IGERT Center for Multiphase Environmental Research, 2003-07
  • Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, WSU, 1999-present
  • Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, WSU, 1990-99
  • Senior Process Engineer, Environmental Engineering, RMT, Inc, 1989-90
  • Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, WSU, 1983-89

Research Interests

  • Physical and chemical wastewater treatment process: adsorption phenomena, metal partitioning, precipitation, facilitated metal transport mechanisms, vapor extraction of chlorinated solvents
  • Adsorption and desorption of hazardous organics and metals on soil and activated carbon
  • Removal of metals from industrial waste streams
  • Fate and transport of highway runoff contaminants


  • Introduction to Environmental Engineering
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Design
  • Environmental Measurements
  • Engineering Ethics
  • Physicochemical Water and Wastewater Treatment


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