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Civil and Environmental Engineering Financial Aid and Scholarships

Undergraduate Students

Departmental scholarships are awarded to current, certified, civil engineering undergraduate students for fall semester only. Scholarships are based on merit, need, and availability of funds. To be eligible for these scholarships, all students must apply for the scholarship using the scholarship application. The annual deadline is January 31 for the following academic year. Applications will be reviewed during the summer and awarded before the fall semester, no later than July 31. Award winners will be required to submit a thank you letter before funds are released.

Graduate Students

Financial aid is available in the form of scholarships and assistantships. Also available are special $5000 per year fellowships which are awarded in addition to the normal assistantships to highly qualified Ph.D. students. Learn more on the Graduate School website.

Additional Opportunities

Voiland College Scholarships

Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture offers more than 300 Dean’s Scholarships a year to incoming freshmen and transfer students. Find out if you qualify.

Student Financial Services

The WSU Office of Student Financial Services (SFS) is committed to assisting students in financing their college education. Learn more at

Departmental Awards


George H. Andrews Memorial

BSCE 1941
George Andrews served as Director of Highways for WSDOT and VP for Transportation with Sverdrup Corp. He was a skillful engineer and a supervisor who commanded the respect and loyalty of his co-workers.

Charles L. Barker

Faculty Service 1937 – 1970
Charles Barker was also known as "Chick" and "Mr. Hydraulics." He taught at Camp Welch for 25 summers and received the Western Electric Award from ASEE for excellence in teaching.

F. Robert & Candace K. Bell

Robert Bell entered WSU as a freshman with a less than stellar high school GPA. In addition, a financial burden compounded the challenge to excel. It is the intent of this scholarship to help "late bloomers" who show promise and have potential to become successful graduates.

S. K. Bhagat

Faculty Service 1965 – 1991
Department Chair 1980 – 1989
S. K. Bhagat's area of study was environmental engineering. Active member of ASCE, Universities Council on Water Resources, and Washington State Transportation Research Council. He was an active member of Pacific Northwest Pollution Control Association and was awarded the Arthur Sidney Bedell Award for extraordinary personal service in the water pollution control field.

William & Evelyn Bugge

Attended WSC from 1918 – 1922
William Bugge was honored by WSU with an Alumni Achievement Award, the prestigious Regents Distinguished Alumni Award, and two civil engineering awards.

H. W. Burwell Family

Bill Burwell graduated in 1971, his wife graduated in 1967 and their son, graduated in 1997. The fund was created by the engineering community in the greater Seattle area upon Bill's retirement from Metro/King County Wastewater Treatment Division.

Civil Engineering Memorial Fund

Created in memory of Eugene Logan - civil engineering student who graduated in 1914 and went to work for Washington Water Power Company in Spokane. In 1935 he became Chief of Projects in the Cost Division of the Federal Power Commission in Washington, D.C.

Gilbert Hall Dunstan

Faculty Service 1952 – 1968
Gilbert Hall Dunstan's career was devoted to the protection and preservation of the environment and to the improvement of health. Funds are intended to inspire and encourage students to prepare for a career dedicated to the betterment of health and the natural environment of man.

Elvin G. Ericson

BSCE 1948; MS 1952
Faculty Service 1947 – 1977
Elvin Ericson's major interest was highway construction. Along with two of his students, he founded the WSU Road Builders Clinic in 1949. He was active in the American Society of Engineering Education and was faculty advisor for the American Road Builders Association. He directed the education program at WSU's civil engineering summer camp near White Pass for 29 years. He believed volunteer service was very important and served on many WSU, local, and state committees.

Forsgren Associates

Civil Engineering Scholarship
Forsgren Associates, Inc. is an employee-owned, multi-discipline consulting firm that has provided engineering services to the private sector and local governments since 1962. They specialize in planning, design, survey, and construction management services for drinking water, water resources, waste water, reclaimed water, road and bridge, and large scale projects.

Henry Townley Heald

BSCE 1923
President of the Armour Institute of Technology at age 34. Consolidated with the Lewis Institute to form the Illinois Institute of Technology. President of the Ford Foundation. Received WSU Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1962. Heald Hall was named after his father, Dr. Frederick Heald (Faculty Service 1915 - 1941).

Ervin & Faye Hindin

Faculty Service 1956 – 1994
Ervin Hindin and his wife, Faye, came to WSU in July 1956. His area of specialization was environmental engineering. Faye was active in Pullman performing arts, in particular Pullman Community Theatre. She was employed by WSU until 1994.

Walter & Vinnie Hinz

Walter W. Hinz graduated from Washington State University in 1938 with a bachelor's degree in agricultural engineering. The department offering that degree is now known as Biological Systems Engineering. Walt took many civil engineering courses as part of his professional preparation; however, he chose to give back to both areas in establishing this scholarship.


Civil & Environmental Engineering Scholarship
Richard Jaquish attended WSU from 1953-1957 majoring in civil engineering. He received a MS in engineering and applied physics from Harvard University. This led to a very interesting career that culminated with his retirement from the Office of Hanford Environment in 1995.

Arnold & Marta Kegel

The Kegel's interest in the WSU Department of CEE grew out of Arnie's degree in agricultural engineering (soil and water) which proved an excellent training ground for using the earth, whether it be agricultural or land use development, in an environmentally sound way. For Arnie, his degree bridged the gap between pure engineering and the sensitive environmental elements of agriculture.

Keith Lamb

BSCE 1951
Keith and his wife Gwen were strong supporters of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and WSU athletics. He received a football scholarship, and also had a strong interest in baseball. Keith was an honors student and worked hard to put himself through college.

Walter Mih

Faculty Service 1970 – 1994
Walter Mih is nationally known in Hydraulic Engineering. He was the developer of "Gravel Gertie", a machine to remove silt from gravel of streams which salmon use for spawning. Since his retirement, he has written a book on Albert Einstein.

Emmett B. Moore

Faculty Service 1929 – 1966
Department Chair 1945 – 1966
Emmett Moore measured his success by the success of his students, who he described as his greatest treasures. His legacy as an educator was the thousands of young people who learned from him and turned what they learned into personal and professional success. He was named Inland Empire Engineer of the year in 1957.

Murphy Brothers

The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage the education of undergraduate civil engineering students whose college careers might otherwise be interrupted or terminated. Grants shall be made on the basis of sound scholastic record, aptitude, need, interest in civil engineering construction and potential for success in the construction field.

Lacey V. Murrow

BS 1926
Lacey Murrow served as Director of Highways for the State of Washington from 1933 - 1940 during which time he was the engineer for the Mercer Island Floating Bridge on Lake Washington. He was in the Air Force in the South Pacific from 1940 - 1945. In 1954 he formed his own consulting business in Washington, D.C. and had jobs all around the world. Brother of Edward R. Murrow.

N.A. Degerstrom Inc.

BS 1949
Neil Degerstrom received the WSU Alumni Achievement Award in 1990. In his early career, he was involved with the construction of dams and highways, but later contracted open pit mining. He was instrumental in developing the department's graduate computing lab.

Roger Nelson

Faculty Service 1954 – 1988
Roger Nelson was an active participant in summer surveying camp. He managed Camp Welch from 1969 to 1978. He loved to teach and consistently taught from 10-13 credit hours per semester.

Nordlund Family Endowed Scholarship In Civil Engineering

The Nordlund Family Endowed Scholarship in Civil Engineering has been established to honor Phyllis and Norman Nordlund for their unselfish commitment to the education of their daughter and two sons. All of the Nordlunds graduated from state universities (Gary, BSCE WSU 1977; Paul, BSCE WSI 1974; Karen, BA WWSC 1972) encouraged by their parent's belief that education was fundamental to both successful careers and a fulfilling life.

John & Amy Roberson

In 1946 Amy and John enrolled at WSC, he as a junior in civil engineering and she as a sophomore in textiles and clothing. John earned his B.S. degree in civil engineering in June 1948. All three Roberson children are WSU alumni. John and Amy want to share the fruits of their activities with WSU in the form of this scholarship for undergraduate students.

Pat Ryan Memorial

BSCE 1999
Bradford "Pat" Ryan graduated at the age of 33 and was the pride of his family. He started his education at Western Washington University in 1985 and continued it at WSU in 1996. He was an active participant in the ASCE concrete canoe team. Pat and his family were aboard Alaska Airlines Flight 261 that crashed off the coast of California January 31, 2000.

Laurence Smith & Mary Jane Freimann

Larry Smith graduated from WSC in 1958 with a major in civil engineering. He took a job with Standard Oil Co. (succeeded by Chevron), staying with that company his whole career retiring in 1991. Mary Jane also gradated in 1958 with a BS in home economics. She passed away in 2004. This scholarship is to honor his wife of 47 years, WSU's legacy in their lives, and to help future students.

Morris K. Snyder

BS 1907
Faculty Service 1907 – 1948
Department Chair 1930 – 1945
"Mike" as he was affectionately called, took a deep personal interest in his students. He was an advocate of advanced degrees and encouraged students to stay in school even through financial difficulties. A quote by a former student: "...he was without doubt one of the most knowledgeable and competent teachers the engineering profession has ever known."

Harold Sorensen Fund

Faculty Service 1967 – 2006
This fund was established in 1997 by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, former students, and current friends and colleagues of Harold Sorensen. The scholarship honored Dr. Sorensen on the occasion of his retirement after more than 30 years of dedicated service to the university and its students.

O.L. Waller

Faculty Service 1893 – 1930
O.L. Waller held several positions: Farm Institute Lecturer, Station Irrigation Engineer, Professor of mathematics and civil engineering and Vice President of the University. He resigned in 1930 and was given a title of Vice President Emeritus. He died in 1935. Waller Hall dormitory is named in his honor.

Welch-Murer Memorial

Murer - BSCE 1930 Summa Cum Laude
Eldred Murer was known as "El" by his friends, he was an active ASCE member and a past President and Fellow of the ASCE St. Louis Local Section. He was a consulting engineer in St. Louis with the firm of Murer and Smith and Rural Lines Engineers.
Welch - Faculty Service 1920 – 1948
Frederic William Welch was WSU survey camp director for 27 years. In 1950, WSU's Board of Regents and WSU President, Wilson Compton, named the camp for Professor Welch in honor of his role in initiating, developing, and elevating the camp to national prominence.

Leon Yates Fund

Leon Yates worked for the Physical Plant of WSU for 22 years until his retirement in 1970. His work involved activities directly related to the civil engineering field. Yates Street in Pullman, WA is named after him.


Howard Copp

Faculty Service 1957 – 1996
Hydraulic Engineering
Basic and applied research in hydraulic engineering, water resource planning. Howard Copp was instrumental in building more than 30 hydraulic models and was the university representative on hydrology and water quality planning committees within Columbia River Basin.

William H. Funk

Faculty Service 1966 – 1999
Environmental Engineering Director
Washington State Water Research Center
William Funk is well known for lake restoration, water quality, and aquatic habitats. He received the Arthur Sidney Bedell Award from the Water Pollution Control Federation, the Pacific Northwest Pollution Control Association Service Award, WSU President's Faculty Excellence Award, and was appointed to the Governor's committee for Evaluation of Water and Natural Resources.

Donald L. Johnstone

Faculty Service 1969 – 1998
Environmental Engineering
Donald Johnstone was Operator of the Year for the NW Pollution Control Association, on the international panel on "Public Health Microbiology of Lakes," nominated to N.Y. Academy of Science and American Public Health Association.

C. J. Khisty

Faculty Service 1978 – 1992
Transportation Engineering
C. J. Khisty is considered an expert in transportation and traffic engineering. He is closely involved with European methods of engineering/planning. He was selected Civil Engineering's Outstanding Professor two years in a row.

Roy F. Pellerin

Faculty Service 1959 – 1996
Structural Engineering
Roy Pellerin is known as a world leader in nondestructive testing. He was active in the Forest Products Research Society, and has received the L.J. Markwardt Wood Engineering Research Award.



David Harsch was staff in the Laboratory for Atmospheric Research. He died in a plane crash on the way to professional meetings. This fund was set up to encourage and support research by funding travel to present papers.



Harold Curtis had a keen and inquisitive mind that caused him to constantly examine the world around him. He was born and raised in the Seattle area and spent two years at Yale before joining the Army. He spent 30 years in the steel industry. Although he had no children, he had a strong desire to help the best and the brightest to receive an education.


Faculty Service 1964 - 1991
Department Chair 1976 - 1979
John F. Orsborn received national recognition for his research on fisheries, water resources and hydraulic engineering. He was also recognized for his outstanding teaching as demonstrated by his receipt of the College of Engineering and Architecture Teaching Faculty Award. Throughout his career, he was known for his outstanding communication skills which was evident in the classes he taught and his vision for a strong curriculum.


Faculty Service 1956 - 1986
John Roberson was head of the Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory and Associate Dean of Research for the College of Engineering & Architecture. He is known world wide in the area of hydraulic engineering and has co-authored several books. He stressed quality and excellence in writing as demonstrated by his students' dissertations and theses that were completed during his tenure at WSU.


The partnership with Mason Contractors began in 1987 and continued to grow due to the quality of the work provided by our faculty. The fellowship supports a graduate student and equipment enhancements.


Graduate Fellowship in CEE
Several fellowships awarded to MS students studying in Civil or Environmental Engineering


A scholarship for graduate students in engineering based on financial need and academic achievement