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Civil and Environmental Engineering Research

Centers, Institutes, and Labs

Center for Environmental Research, Education and Outreach (CEREO)

Academic and industry leaders applying innovative technologies and management tools to the challenges of global climate change and environmental sustainability

Chemical Oxidations/ISCO Laboratory

Conducts basic research aimed at understanding and improving ISCO technologies, and also performs treatability studies for the remediation industry

Composite Materials & Engineering Center (CMEC)

Develops new building materials from recycled and virgin resources, as well as innovative structural systems

Institute for Sustainable Design (ISD)

Uniting faculty, students, design professionals, manufacturers, and suppliers to solve societal problems of sustainability

Laboratory for Advanced & Sustainable Cementitious Materials (ASCM)

Developing “greener” pervious concretes made from recycled materials and nano-/micro-sized materials

Laboratory for Atmospheric Research (LAR)

Conducting air quality research, emphasizing biosphere/atmosphere interactions and regional air quality measurements and modeling

Multi-Scale Land Surface Hydrology Lab

Conducts research on the connections between climate, hydrology, land use, and ecological (natural and agricultural) processes

State of Washington Water Research Center (SWWRC)

Conducting and facilitating applied water-related research, educating future water professionals, and connecting the academic community, water resource managers, and water stakeholders

Transportation Research Center (TRAC), Washington State University

Coordinates transportation research efforts — both state and commercial, public and private — and develops research opportunities both nationally and locally

Washington Center for Asphalt Technology (WCAT)

Developing innovative, economical, and reliable technologies for highway and airport pavements

Washington Center for X-ray and Imaging Technology (WACXIT)

Promotes the advanced microstructure characterization, simulation, and design of solids, including metals, ceramics, geological, and biomaterials