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Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Program

Master of Science Thesis Option


  • Minimum of 21 hours of graded coursework
  • At least 7 hours of research studies
  • 1 credit of CE 580
  • Minimum of 30 total credits

NOTE: Students are required to enroll in CE 600 in semesters they are not enrolled in CE 580.  If a student is unable to enroll in CE 600 in a semester due to personal circumstances, a request for a waiver to this requirement must be made by the advisor of the student stating those circumstances. Upon review, the CEE Chair may grant a waiver. Please coordinate with the Graduate Coordinator.

  • Coursework and project require approval by the student’s graduate committee.
  • Program must be filed no later than the end of the second semester of study. Go to the Graduate school website for the program of study form.
  • General regulations regarding the preparation of a thesis are set by the Graduate School and are listed in the Policies and Procedures of the Graduate School. The thesis format will follow requirements for publications in an appropriate technical journal as recommended by the committee.
  • The final examination will be mainly a defense of the thesis.
  • Typing, copying and other associated costs for the preparation of the thesis will be borne by the student.
  • The department requires one unbound copy plus $20.00 for binding of the final thesis.
  • Students on an assistantship are required to do the thesis option.


  • Committee should include at least three faculty members.
  • Students may pursue independent projects or may work with faculty to develop new projects or collaborate on existing projects.
  • Students will complete their studies in 1-1/2 to 2 years.


  • Students will often be supported as a Teaching Assistant (TA) or as a Research Assistant (RA).
  • TAs and RAs receive support for tuition (resident and nonresident) and a stipend, if they reside in the State of Washington while attending school.
  • Additional scholarships and awards may be awarded to highly qualified students.
  • Loans are available for all students through the University’s financial aid office.

More Information

Kelly Caraher Graduate Academic Coordinator (509) 335-4547