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Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Program

Admission Deficiencies

Applications may be accepted into the graduate program with Bachelor degrees in areas other than Civil Engineering (i.e. related areas such as mechanical engineering, materials science, physics). These students, however, may need to complete a number of additional courses to overcome their deficiencies. These courses cannot be listed on a student’s Program of Study.

More Information

Kelly Caraher Graduate Academic Coordinator (509) 335-4547

Minimum Requirements

Course #Course TitleEnvGeo/TransHydStrucMaterials
CE 211Staticsxxxxx
ME 212 Dynamicsxxxx
CE 215 Mechanics of Materialsxxx
CE 315 Mechanics of Fluidsxxx
CE 317 Geotechnical Engineeringxx
CE 330 Structural Analysisx
CE 322 Transportation Engineeringx
CE 341*Introduction to Environmental Engineering*x
CE 351 Water Resources Engineeringx
CE 321Numerical Methods for Civil & Env. Engineersxxxxx
Engl 402/403 Professional and Technical Writingxxxxx
Math 315 Differential Equationsxxxxx

* May be waived for students with suitable experience/coursework.