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Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Program

Application Requirements

Admission to the graduate program in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Washington State University is based on quantitative and qualitative criteria, as well as availability of resources. All applications must be submitted online at:

Upon recommendation from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the official letter of admission to the graduate program will be sent by the Graduate School.

A complete online application includes:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Transcripts from all universities and colleges attended. Please submit copies of transcripts online and request for official transcripts to be sent by the institutions directly to the Graduate School at the address shown below. Evaluations of applications may be made based on submitted transcripts, however official transcripts should be on file with the Graduate School prior to admission into the program.
  3. Official language test scores (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, MELAB). If degree was received from an institution outside the U.S., check the Graduate School website for exemptions. Official test scores need to be received by the Graduate School and should be on file prior to admission into the program.
  4. Statement of Purpose – statement of academic and career goals, submitted online
  5. Three letters of recommendation submitted online

Note: GRE scores are not required for admission to the CEE graduate program.

The nonrefundable application fee is $90.00. Please note that there are additional instructions for international students to follow.

Beginning Spring 2021, the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture VCEA will reimburse the application fee (after the 10th day of the semester) of newly admitted graduate students enrolled in our programs. This will be done in the form of a scholarship or funds into the student account.

Mailing Address

Send official language test scores and official transcripts to:
Graduate School
Stadium Way
French Administration, Room 324
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-1030

Graduate School phone: 509-335-6424

Note: shipping services such as FedEx, UPS, or DHL will not deliver to a post office box; you must send to the Graduate School’s physical address shown above.

Qualitative Criteria

Qualitative criteria include professional experience, demonstrated leadership, professional and community service, statement of purpose and reference letters. The statement of purpose and reference letters are sent directly to the Graduate School via your online application.

  1. The “Statement of Purpose” is a one-page statement of academic and career goals which identifies the area of emphasis you are interested in (written within the last 12 months). Please indicate the CEE professors that you want to work with on your application.
  2. Three letters of recommendations. You are advised to contact your recommenders to ensure they submit their letters on time.

Quantitative Criteria

  1. Grade point average
    1. For the masters degree, the minimum GPA is 3.0 (4.0 scale) based on the last 60 semester hours of undergraduate coursework.
    2. For the doctoral degree, the minimum GPA is 3.0 (4.0 scale) based on graduate coursework from the master’s degree.
    3. If less than 12 semester hours of graduate coursework have been completed, then the last 60 semester hours consisting of a combination of graded undergraduate and graded graduate coursework will be used for the basis of grade point average.
  2. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) are not required, but if you choose to submit one:
    1. The GRE examination must have been taken within the last five years.
    2. Be officially reported to this university to be considered a part of the application.
  3. TOEFL Examination
    1. TOEFL examination must have been taken within the last two years.
    2. If you received a degree from a US or Canadian university within the last two years you do not need to submit a TOEFL score.
    3. A minimum TOEFL score of 540 is required if the student is not from an English speaking institution or country.
Minimum TOEFL ScoresPaperComputerInternetMELABIELTS
Civil & Environmental Engr.54021375776.5

Provisional Admission

The CEE Graduate Studies Committee must review any graduate applications that do not meet the departmental minimum requirements. In these cases, the faculty advocate (e.g. potential advisor) must provide written justification for admission, along with proposed contingency requirements (e.g. coursework). Students with a GPA between 2.8 and 3.0 can be considered for provisional admission.

Note: Students interested in the environmental engineering program and possessing substantial work experience, but with a GPA less than 2.8, may be considered for admission after completing CE 541 (Physiochemical Water and Wastewater Treatment) and CE 542 (Biochemical Waste Water Treatment) and one of CE 518 (Hazardous Waste Engineering) or CE 519 (Hazardous Waste Treatment) with a GPA of 3.4 or higher. After demonstrating potential success, students may then apply for admission into the Master of Science in Environmental Engineering program.


The department encourages applications from students with civil or other engineering backgrounds as well as from students with backgrounds in the physical, chemical, or biological sciences. In the latter case, certain math and engineering deficiencies must be satisfied for proper progress through the program.

Review the Minimum Requirements chart.


Fall semester
Priority application deadline is January 10 (classes begin mid-August)

Spring and Summer semesters
Priority application deadline is July 1 (classes begin Mid-January)

Financial Aid

Financial assistance may be available. Visit the CEE Scholarship page for more information.

More Information

Kelly Caraher Graduate Academic Coordinator (509) 335-4547