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Civil and Environmental Engineering Research

Hydraulics and Water Resources

Worldwide there is a call for new technologies, materials and practices to reduce human-induced carbon footprints that cause global climate change and to adapt to projected climate change. One of the systems likely affected by global climate change and population growth is water resources. The Water Resources Program investigates all aspects of the complex interactions between climate variability and change, ecosystem processes, and increased demand from human activities. In the semi-arid regions of the northwestern U.S., water availability during drought periods has already reached crisis levels and the problems are expected to intensify as the effects of global climate change and population growth continue to alter the supply and demand patterns.

Research areas include:

  • Low Impact Development
  • Aquatic System Management and Restoration
  • Climate Change Analysis, Implications, and Adaptation
  • Aquifer Storage and Recovery
  • Water Reuse
  • Remote Sensing
  • Stormwater Quantity and Quality
  • Surface/Groundwater Interaction
  • Sustainable materials and construction
  • Engineering Education


Hydraulics Engineering has a large work area for the construction of physical scale models along with a wide range of fluid pumping systems. Laster Doppler velocimeter systems are available for accurate velocity measurements. Computational hydraulics and fluid dynamics studies use a well-equipped workstation laboratory.

Affiliated Centers, Institutes, and Labs

Multi-Scale Land Surface Hydrology Lab

Conducts research on the connections between climate, hydrology, land use, and ecological (natural and agricultural) processes

State of Washington Water Research Center (SWWRC)

Conducting and facilitating applied water-related research, educating future water professionals, and connecting the academic community, water resource managers, and water stakeholders


Adam, 335-7751
Boll, 335-4767
Chowdhury, 335-3721
Demissie, Yonas K.
WSU Tricities 372-7344
Engdahl, 335-9140
Ginn, 335-0528
Liu, 335-9171
Petrie, John 335-0909