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Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Program

Master of Science Non-Thesis Option


  • Project M.S. – Minimum of 30 credits as follows:
    • 25 credits of graded graduate coursework
    • 1 credit of graded seminar (CE 580)
    • 2 credits for CE 702 (Project; S/U)
    • 2 credits for CE 702 (Exam; S/U)
  • Courses Option – Minimum of 32 credits as follows:
    • 27 credits of graded graduate coursework
    • 1 credit of graded seminar (CE 580)
    • 4 credits for CE 702 (oral exam)

NOTE: Students are required to enroll in CE 600 in semesters they are not enrolled in CE 580.  If a student is unable to enroll in CE 600 in a semester due to personal circumstances, a request for a waiver to this requirement must be made by the advisor of the student stating those circumstances. Upon review, the CEE Chair may grant a waiver. Please coordinate with the Graduate Coordinator.

  • Coursework and project require approval by the student’s graduate committee.
  • Program must be filed no later than the end of the second semester of study. Go to the Graduate school web site for the program of study form.
  • General regulations regarding the preparation of a project are set by the department following thesis format and committee requirements.
  • Typing, copying, and other associated costs for the preparation of the project report are borne by the student.


  • Committee should include at least three faculty members.
  • Students may pursue independent projects or may work with faculty to develop new projects or collaborate on existing projects.
  • Students will generally complete their studies in 12 months.


  • Scholarships and awards may be awarded to highly qualified students.
  • Loans are available for all students through the University’s financial aid office

More Information

Kelly Caraher Graduate Academic Coordinator (509) 335-4547