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Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty
NameEmailPhoneOfficeResearch AreaGroup
Jennifer Adam
Adam, Jennifer
Berry Family Distinguished Professor 335-7751PACCAR 352Hydraulics and Water ResourcesFaculty
Pouria Bahmani
Bahmani, Pouria 335-7607PACCAR 144Structural EngineeringFaculty
Jan Boll
Boll, Jan 335-4767PACCAR 360Hydraulics and Water ResourcesFaculty
Antonio Carraro
Carraro, Antonio 335-8624PACCAR 254Geotechnical EngineeringFaculty
Jia Cheng
Cheng, Jia 335-0928Sloan 35Faculty
Indranil Chowdhury
Chowdhury, Indranil 335-3721PACCAR 346Hydraulics and Water ResourcesFaculty
Yonas K. Demissie
Demissie, Yonas K.
WSU Tricities 372-7344TWST 134HHydraulics and Water ResourcesFaculty
Yong Deng

Deng, Yong
yong.deng1@wsu.eduSloan 117Faculty
Nicholas Engdahl
Engdahl, Nicholas 335-9140PACCAR 440Hydraulics and Water ResourcesFaculty
Karl Englund
Englund, Karl 335-6259PACCAR 150Structural Engineering, Materials and SustainabilityFaculty
Courtney M. Gardner
Gardner, Courtney 335-5443PACCAR 446Environmental EngineeringFaculty
Tim Ginn
Ginn, Tim
Boeing Distinguished Professor 335-0528PACCAR 344Hydraulics and Water ResourcesFaculty
Akram Hossain
Hossain, Akram
WSU Tricities 372-7314TWST 134AEnvironmental EngineeringFaculty
Tom Jobson
Jobson, Tom 335-2692PACCAR 448Environmental EngineeringFaculty
Ji Yun Lee
Lee, Ji Yun 335-3018PACCAR 158Structural Engineering, Materials and SustainabilityFaculty
Jia Li
Li, Jia 335-9834PACCAR 444Transportation EngineeringFaculty
Heping Liu
Liu, Heping 335-1529PACCAR 450Environmental EngineeringFaculty
Ming-Liang Liu
Liu, Ming-Liang
Assistant Research Professor 335-9171PACCAR 436Hydraulics and Water ResourcesFaculty
Ayumi Manawadu
Manawadu, Ayumi
Jun Meng
Meng, Jun 335-2832PACCAR 456Environmental EngineeringFaculty
Christopher Motter
Motter, Christopher 335-5732PACCAR 146Structural EngineeringFaculty
Karl Olsen
Olsen, Karl 335-0373Sloan 138Structural Engineering, Materials and SustainabilityFaculty
Shelley N. Pressley
Pressley, Shelley N.
Associate Research Professor 335-4653Carpenter 509Environmental EngineeringFaculty
Alexandra (Sasha) Richey
Richey, Alexandra (Sasha) 335-1691PACCAR 258Hydraulics and Water ResourcesFaculty
Xianming Shi
Shi, Xianming
Department Chair
(509) 335-7088Sloan 137Materials and Sustainability, Geotechnical and Transportation EngineeringFaculty
Von Walden
Walden, Von 335-5645PACCAR 460Environmental EngineeringFaculty
Haifeng Wang
Wang, Haifeng 335-2829PACCAR 154Faculty
Haifang Wen
Wen, Haifang
Director of WCAT 335-4602Sloan 26Geotechnical and Transportation EngineeringFaculty
Vikram Yadama
Yadama, Vikram 335-6261PACCAR 154Structural Engineering, Materials and SustainabilityFaculty
Kuang Zhu
Zhu, Kuang 335-5443PACCAR 446 Environmental EngineeringFaculty
Hongtao Dang
Dang, Hongtao 335-4271PACCAR 248 Structural Engineering, Construction Engineering and ManagementAffiliate Faculty
Li Zhang
Zhang, Li
li.zhang@ngsim.com6623415726Transportation EngineeringAffiliate Faculty
Kishor Shrestha
Shrestha, Kishor 335-7583EME 202FAffiliated Faculty from SDC [Construction Engineering Program: Joint]
Tommy Tafazzoli
Tafazzoli, Tommy
tommy.tafazzoli@sdc.wsu.eduAffiliated Faculty from SDC [Construction Engineering Program: Joint]
Don Bender
Bender, Don
Weyerhaeuser Distinguished Professor 335-2829PACCAR 152Structural Engineering, Materials and SustainabilityEmeritus Faculty
Candis Claiborn
Claiborn, Candis
Dean Emeritus 335-4652PACCAR 454Environmental EngineeringEmeritus Faculty
William Cofer
Cofer, William
Professor 335-3232Sloan 115Structural Engineering, Materials and SustainabilityEmeritus Faculty
J. Daniel Dolan
Dolan, J. Daniel
Professor 335-7849PACCAR 144Structural Engineering, Materials and SustainabilityEmeritus Faculty
Rafik Itani
Itani, Rafik
Professor, Chair Emeritus 335-3233Sloan 138Structural Engineering, Materials and SustainabilityEmeritus Faculty
Brian Lamb
Lamb, Brian
Regents Professor
Boeing Distinguished Professor 335-5702PACCAR 442Environmental EngineeringEmeritus Faculty
George Mount
Mount, George
Professor 335-3790PACCAR 458Environmental EngineeringEmeritus Faculty
Renee Petersen
Petersen, Renee
Scholarly Professor 335-3227Sloan 118Structural Engineering, Materials and SustainabilityEmeritus Faculty
David G. Pollock
Pollock, David
Scholarly Professor 335-1994Sloan 125Emeritus Faculty
Joseph Vaughan
Vaughan, Joseph
Associate Research Professor 335-2832PACCAR 456Environmental EngineeringEmeritus Faculty
Richard Watts
Watts, Richard
Boeing Distinguished Professor 335-3761Dana 211Environmental EngineeringEmeritus Faculty
David Yonge
Yonge, David
Professor 335-2147Sloan 123Environmental EngineeringEmeritus Faculty
Adeniyi Adesina
Adesina, Adeniyi
adeniyi.adesina@wsu.eduPostdoctoral/Research Associates
Yong Deng
Scarpare, Fabio
fabio.scarpare@wsu.eduPostdoctoral/Research Associates
Yong Deng
Zhang, Zhigang
zhigang.zhang@wsu.eduPostdoctoral/Research Associates