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Civil and Environmental Engineering Research

Structural Engineering, Materials, and Sustainability

Structural engineering research includes both numerical modeling and experimental testing to understand and improve structural performance. The materials program is centered on the development of bio-based materials in particular polymers, composites, and nanomaterials. Bio-based materials are researched from various angles including chemistry, processing, and mechanics.

Areas of research emphasis include:

  • Behavior and Design of Structural Wood Components and Systems
  • Design and Manufacture of Wood Composite Materials
  • Behavior and Design of Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete and Masonry Structures
  • Structural Mechanics and Finite Element Analysis
  • Structural Dynamics, Earthquake Engineering, and Infrastructure Improvement
  • Structural Reliability and Probabilistic Analysis and Design
  • Nondestructive Evaluation of Structural Materials and System


CMEC’s Wood Materials and Engineering Laboratory (WMEL) houses a 40 ft by 80 ft strong floor equipped with computer controlled loading actuators and electronic data acquisition systems. Structural components up to 12 ft tall, 15 ft wide, and 75 ft long can be tested.

Affiliated Centers, Institutes, and Labs

Composite Materials & Engineering Center (CMEC)

Develops new building materials from recycled and virgin resources, as well as innovative structural systems


Allena, Srinivas
WSU Tricities 372-7161
Bender, Don
Interim Dean
Weyerhaeuser Distinguished Professor
Director of CMEC 335-2829
Cofer, 335-3232
Dolan, J. 335-7849
Englund, 335-6259
Haraldsson, 335-2377
Morton, 335-7847
Olsen, 335-0373
Petersen, 335-3227
Phillips, Adam 335-2576
Qiao (Chiao), 335-5183
Wolcott, Michael
Regents Professor
Louisiana-Pacific Distinguished Professor
Director of ISD 335-6392
Yadama, 335-6261
Itani, 335-3233