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Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty

Dr. Jennifer Adam

Jennifer Adam

Professor, Berry Distinguished Professor





(509) 335-7751


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Multi-Scale Land Surface Hydrology (MSLSH) website


  • Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 2007, University of Washington
  • M.S., Civil Engineering, 2002, University of Washington
  • B.S., Civil Engineering, 1997, University of Colorado

Professional Experience

  • Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, WSU, 2020 – Present
  • Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, WSU, 2014 – 2020
  • Associate Director, State of Washington Water Research Center, 2014 – 2017
  • Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, WSU, 2008 – 2014
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Washington, 2000 – 2007
  • Peace Corps Volunteer, Secondary Mathematics Education, Solomon Islands, 1997-1999
  • Undergraduate Teaching and Research Assistant, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Colorado, 1996-1997


  • INSIGHT Into Diversity Magazine’s Top 100 Inspiring Women in STEM Award, 2015
  • Leon Luck Faculty Award as the Most Effective Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, WSU, 2014
  • Outstanding Research Faculty Award, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, WSU, 2014
  • Reid Miller Teaching Excellence Award, College of Engineering & Architecture, WSU, 2011
  • Outstanding Teaching Faculty Award, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, WSU, 2011

Research Interests

  • Hydrologic impacts of global change
  • Earth systems modeling
  • Land/atmosphere interactions


  • Water resources engineering
  • Sustainable development in water resources
  • Hydroclimatology


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